Pros And Cons Of Butterfly Valve

When it comes to valves, the most common type will be butterfly valves. The butterfly valves are popular nearly in every industry, especially where the pressure of the liquid is low. The butterfly valves are generally made of light structure and easy to install. Due to its swift butterfly movement, that makes the liquid flow smooth. But like everything else, not one thing answers all the question. The same is the case with the butterfly valve. There is also another type of butterfly valve-like lined butterfly valve, that has a slightly different application than a regular butterfly valve. The lined butterfly valves are installed in a linear configuration. Here we will be discussing the Pros and Cons of the butterfly valve.


Wide Application: The reason the butterfly valves are so popular because they have wide application in many industries. In one way or another way, the butterfly valves can be found nearly in every manufacturing unit. The butterfly valve has a high acceptance ratio in approximately every industry.

Light Structure: The butterfly or lined butterfly valves are smaller in size. This makes the opening and closing of the valve plate, fast. Due to their smaller sizes, they can be adjusted in bigger valves.

Better Flow: Due to the smaller size, the disc in the butterfly valve moves quickly. This means the flow of the liquid will flow smoothly. This smaller size improves precision.

Lower Accumulation: The disc diameter is small; this butterfly valve is perfect when you need less accumulation in the pipes. The lower accumulation of the liquid means more liquid can flow through the valve. There will be low accumulation, resulting in less residual liquid in the valve. It means the valve will require less maintenance.

Good Seal: Usually the problem with valves arises when they have to perform under low pressure. Due to low pressure, the liquid can be leaked from the valve. The lined butterfly valve or regular butterfly valve, perform better in lower pressure.


Range: One of the major problems that come with a butterfly valve, that it has a very small range when comes to temperature and pressure. It can be good with lower pressure, but it doesn’t mean it has the capacity for higher pressures. The frame of the range is very limited in the case of the butterfly valve when it comes to pressure and temperature.

Size: Usually the butterfly valves are smaller in size, which means in a case where there will be higher pressure or high capacity, then butterfly valves are not workable. They are fine where you need small adjustment but for heavy-duty performance, the butterfly valves are not recommended. Due to its smaller size, the butterfly valves are not good for thick liquid because that can hinder the movement of the inner disc.