Wine As A Fashion

“Wine” when this word strikes with ears then some thoughts appear in mind. These thoughts are parties, clubs or some take it forbidden. Grenache wine has become a fashion and people from different ages use it on different occasions. College and university students use wine for gaining pleasure or to overcome psychological issues or try to maintain study pressure for a few hours.

Wine has a wide range and different colours or tastes. But all tastes and ranges or a variety of wine are bad for health.  Wine is used by teenagers as a fashion. It is now common and the consumers for wine became increase day by day. Some companies use celebrity endorsement to sell out the best wine.


Wine is prohibiting in some countries but still, the number of the user is increasing day by day. Social media is sometimes using a promotional tool of wine by its users. Youngsters think that using wine is just giving them pleasure and nothing else but they don’t know while using wine they loss their life and also mental and physical health.

Parties and wine:

In most parties, the organizer with food stuff and other beverages provides wine to give them pleasure. The organizer wants to make his guests happy but he won’t know the happiness of few minutes can become curse in the future. If he suffered from any dangerous disease.

Festivals and wine:

People would like to drink wine on a special occasion to make it more pleasant but they don’t know the consequences of that wine. Maybe after that wine, a person does rush driving and do murder.

Silent killer:

The user of wine does not feel any fatigue in the starting days of using wine. But as the usage is increasing and he/she become habitual then this silent killer starts working and maybe half of its work has already be done. A wine user just drinks it to enjoy life or forget some worst thing, but in actual the user just does more the worst with himself.

As the wine becomes fashion and its consumers are increasing day by day, the online wine selling stores become popular. People of all ages can buy wines online from different brands easily and without any problems. A one-touch buying wine of Jack Daniel is available. The Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey is become more popular by this online platform. Using Leeuwin estate art series cabernet sauvignon or other wine is a health hazard and can destroy the life career, liver or other body parts. Just think positively and try to get rid of using this harmful drink. Whether it is good or not but in some places it is prohibited and due to some reasons.

In short, using wine or not is the personal choice of every person. People can just give suggestions but could not restrict anyone by using it.